50 Years of Presidential Haircuts image

50 Years of Presidential Haircuts


Political views aside, we've had some pretty stylish presidents. Ivy league, preppy, athletic, Hollywood, you name it. From Lyndon B. Johnson who played football for the University of Michigan, to JFK who was no stranger to competitive sailing. From Ronald Reagan's love of horses, to Donald Trump's passion for golf.


But how has their style changed? Let's just say its remained nothing short of classic (for most). Moreover, its remained very presidential (for most). Right down to their haircuts (again, for most).  Lets have a look at the last 50 years of presidential haircuts:



35th President, John F. Kennedy

Preferred Ribbon Belt: Boat Shoes


John F. Kennedy's Haircut



36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson

(Where are your sunglass retainers, bro?)


Lyndon B. Johnson's Haircut



37th President, Richard M. Nixon


Richard Nixon's Haircut



38th President, Gerald R. Ford


Gerald Ford's Haircut



39th President, James Carter


Jimmy Carter Hairstyle



40th President, Ronald Reagan

Preferred Ribbon Belt: Oh My Stars!


Ronald Reagan Hairstyle



41st President, George H. W. Bush  


George H. W. Bush Hairstyle



42nd President, William J. Clinton

Preferred Ribbon Belt: Chick Magnet


Bill Clinton Hair Style



43rd President, George W. Bush


George W. Bush Hairstyle



44th President, Barack Obama


Barack Obama Hairstyle



45th President, Donald Trump



Donald Trump Hair Style


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