Fabric Belt for Men with Blue Claw Crab

Blue Crab Ribbon Belt

$16.50 $58.50

Probably one of the most recognizable species in the Chesapeake Bay, the blue claw crab stands out! And just like that colorful swimming crustacean, this fabric belt also stands out-- making you the most recognizable person at the bar, in the office, on the golf course, etc..

Made using top tier grosgrain ribbon. The leather tabs are made from 100% genuine Hermann Oak leather and are stitched for a more structured feel and classic look. The buckles are solid brass.

Product Details

  • 1" custom grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 1/4" navy canvas backing
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Genuine Hermann Oak leather
  • Branded with the Knot logo
  • Made in America, as it should be


Our belts measure to a true belt size. This means that the size of the belt is the exact measurement from the middle hole to the end of belt (not including buckle). See diagram below. Please measure accordingly and don't assume because you wear a 36" belt in another brand, that you will wear a 36" in the Knot brand. With many other brands, the belt may still be referred to as a 36" belt when in fact it measures 38" (or even 39") if measuring per the below. If you take an existing belt from your closet and measure from the end of belt to the hole you are most frequently using, that should tell you the true belt size you need to order, given it hasn't stretched over time.  Please reach out if you have questions.

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