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A Call for Ambassadors

College Ambassadors

Knot Clothing & Belt Co College Ambassadors


We want you!...to join the ranks of Knot Collegiate Ambassador. We're looking for top shelf, not afraid to get their hands dirty, chill but Knotty students to represent our brand for the 2016-17 school year and beyond. Receive free swag, host events, participate in challenges, learn some valuable life skills, and get to know a bunch of other like-minded ambassadors.


Be a steward-- a guide. Help your friends, colleagues and campus community...


Knot Brand Representatives and College Ambassadors


...experience the Knot brand/lifestyle, through grass roots marketing, social engagement, etc.


Knot Clothing & Belt Co College Ambassadors


What do you think? Got what it takes?


Collegiate Ambassador Program


Then take the plunge...fill out our online application.

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