Sticker Requests

We are pumped that you want to help promote Knot.  All you have to do is complete and submit the below contact form.  Please indicate in the "reason for contacting us" section that you would like free stickers and supply your full mailing address.  Just a heads up, by doing so you also agree to join our email list.


The Knot logo represents all the best moments in your life, so stick it (water bottle, laptop, cooler, you name it) and take it along wherever you go.  And when you do encounter one of those "best" moments, capture it making sure your Knot sticker is somewhere in the image.  Post it to Instagram and tag @knot_clothing using the hashtag #getknotty.  We'll be choosing our favorites and reposting them from time to time.  And if we choose you, we'll reward you for your efforts. 


**At this time we are unable to ship stickers outside of the US.


NOTE:  Due to the volume of sticker requests we receive, we pool requests and ship them out in quarterly mailings


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