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Gameday Guide - Cleveland Indians

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Baseball season is upon us ladies and gentlemen, so I am here to provide some tips on how to save money, have the best experience possible, and make a memorable day out of going to a ball game. I’ve spent most my life in a city that is within 60 miles of two Major League baseball teams; The Cleveland Indians (Roll Tribeeee!) and the Pittsburgh Pirates. Baseball is America's game and nothing beats going to the ballpark and enjoying some beers with your friends. Over the course of the summer, we'll be stopping in to give you a gameday guide for some select teams in the MLB. We are starting the tour in Believeland, OH, at the Jake (Progressive Field).


Since Knot Clothing is all about the summer road trip, why not make it a point to hit up some different ballparks? Follow your favorite team, or just get out there and experience a change in scenery.


First Up: Cleveland Indians


Gameday - Cleveland Indians Roadtrip 


Cleveland is an amazing sports town. With teams like the Cavaliers, the Indians, and the always fantastic Browns, there's guaranteed to be something to do sports-wise. Clevelanders take gameday seriously, and the atmosphere is infectious. Here are some tips on how to do a Tribe game right, without putting a huge dent in the wallet:


Get There Early


Cleveland has so much to offer when it comes to entertainment. Whether you want to get your drink on early, tour a brewery, or check out some of the amazing museums the city has to offer. Either way, there's a place for you. I highly recommend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Eat Outside the Ballpark


With options like Barley House, Corner Alley, Harry Buffalo, The Winking Lizard, and my personal favorite Barrio (all within a few blocks of the ballpark), food in the ballpark isn’t needed; especially since they got rid of the legendary buffalo chicken Mac-n-Cheese! I am still salty about this… So, save your money for the bars!




$2 domestic beer before all Indians games! It is across the street from the ballpark! They have live music! You have my attention Wilberts. This place should be your last stop before heading into the game.


“THE DISTRICT” Stand Up Section


For $13 you get into the game, and your ticket includes a 12oz domestic beer. The stand up section of the stadium is located around the right field pole, and includes two large bars serving a great variety of domestic and local craft beers. Since everyone is up and getting Knotty, you’ll never have to worry about sitting down as to not disrupt the view for the family behind you. The District is also the best place to go when you have a large group of people because there are no specific standing spots. This means that when your friend decides last minute to join you at the game, they can still meet up with the crew.


Go With a Crew


Ballgames are the best place to spend time with friends on nice summer day. Getting on the Jumbotron is a badge of honor as a fan, and the better your crew, the higher your odds. So call up the boys (and girls), get your tickets, and head to the ballpark.


Gameday - Cleveland Indians


Post Game Moves


After the Tribe get the win, you have plenty of options when it comes to the bars. On weekdays you are better off staying around the stadium, but come the weekend, your options are endless. Pick your poison and enjoy your night in the great city of Cleveland.


West 6th: Mostly dance clubs and restaurants. I recommend that you check out Dive Bar.


West 25th: Craft beer central and great restaurants. I recommend the Market Garden Brewery for a great beer selection.


East 4th: Variety of bars and restaurant options close to the stadium: I recommend Corner Alley for beers and bowling.


East Bank: A newly developed strip of bars on the river bank. I recommend Punch Bowl Social.


This is Cleveland's year, so get to the ballpark and watch the Windians do their thing! Sing Hang on Sloopy loud and proud this year. O-H!


By Justin Summer





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Justin is a senior at Youngstown State, studying marketing and communications. He's a northern nomad with a southern soul. A man of quality – life, love, friends, and clothing. He's also a Knot Clothing College Ambassador. #getknotty


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