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Knot at Work, Volume II

Knot at Work

This weekend, how about this... spark a fire, rally your friends, and crack into a game of Knotty Ball. Because summer’s here! And that means longer days, warmer nights, and cooler drinks. But don't just sit around and talk about how busy you are at bad the traffic has become, etc. Instead, loosen up that throwing arm and sharpen up your aim, it's time for a little drinking competition!


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If you're like us, you've become bored with the same old flip cup and beer pong. Who hasn’t? Well, let us introduce you to – KNOTTY BALL (Also known as Beer Ball). Unlike beer pong, in Knotty Ball you become victorious the more YOU drink, not the more your competition drinks. A no brainer, we know. 


Knot at Work, Knotty Ball


Find a beer pong table. We’re talking 8ft regulation length. In a pinch, picnic tables work just fine. Next, find a partner. You'll be competing head-to-head with another team of two to see who can finish their beers first. During play, there will definitely be the need for some judgement calls, so find a ref. And oh yeah, you'll need a ping pong ball.

To start, each team stands at opposite ends of the table with each team member positioned at a corner of the table. Each player must be in possession of 1, unopened can of beer. This will be "their" can of beer for the duration of the round. Each player takes their can and places it in the corner of the table (no koozies). This will be the corner that's nearest to them. They then flip it upside down so that the tab is facing down on the table. 

Game on...


  1. Start with a game of rock, paper, scissors. The winner decides who throws (attacks) first.
  2. The first player (the attacker) will throw their ping pong ball at either of the opposing team's (defenders) cans.
  3. When a throw hits the can, the thrower’s partner flips their can over, cracks the beer, and starts drinking. NOTE: the ball must be thrown, and cannot bounce or roll prior to hitting the can. 
  4. The player who is currently drinking continues to do so while the opposing team tracks down the ball that was thrown. The goal here is to drink as much beer as  you can. Once a defender has the ball in possession, they must bring it back to the table and yell “DOWN” once they’ve touched the ball to the table. NOTE: Must have control and possession of the ball while yelling “DOWN”. Think completed pass in football.
  5. Once the defending team has yelled “DOWN”, the person drinking must immediately stop consumption and place the beer back in their corner of the table. This time though, place it right side up.
  6. Now, the other team member throws his ball as the game continues. If a strike is not made, you simply move on to the next thrower.
  7. Once both team members have taken their turn, the opposing team throws. At this point, the throwing/attacking team becomes the defending team.



    • Once the amount of beer in a can becomes low, cans get dented and can easily get knocked over. If a players beer is knocked over, and if any beer spilled, that player must skip their next turn.
    • Don’t smash the ball on the table while yelling “DOWN.” Ping pong balls can easily crack and dent.
    • The first team to finish both of their beers wins and moves on to the next challenging team.
    • We've seen variations of the game played where physical play is allowed as teams fight to prevent the defending team from recovering the thrown ball. Determine what level of physical play is allowed and make your own rules.


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