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Movember, Join the Movement!

Movember Mustache, For Men's Health


Movember isn't just an officially recognized charity that benefits men’s health, it's a MOVEMENT! A movement that includes over 5 million participants from all over the world. And we thinks that's pretty sweet! 


Movember Men's Health


From humble beginnings, it all began in 2003, when 30 men incited a movement to spark conversation about men’s health. Since the mustache was a fixture of past generations, they decided to use it as the main conversation driver for spreading the awareness of male specific health concerns. And boy has it been effective. In the past 13 years, Movember has contributed to over 1200 men’s health projects around the world, but there's no plan to stop there. Sure they've raised over $500 million, but there's more work to be done.


Why we participate in Movember is specific to each participant.


“Fathers, brothers, sons, partners and friends all face a health crisis that isn’t being talked about.” (Movember, 2016; 


Men are proud to a detriment – men’s health issues need to be talked about. Whether the goal is to encourage the conversation, or to make a positive impact on health and fitness, we can take steps from a preventative and reactive basis that combat the silence. 

Our own Community Manager, Ryan Fisher (aka Fish) began supporting Movember before he could even grow a mustache worth talking about. Today though, after supporting his own father during a battle with cancer, the movement has taken a more personal theme-- an additional driver to his existing interest in fitness and health. In collaboration with that, he has also designed some shorts (100% of the profit is donated to Movember) to inspire anyone to either donate to the cause, and/or get active. If you can’t donate, then get out there and get active. If you can’t get active, then have a voice and spark some conversation about men’s health.


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