One Hit Wonders - Past and Present image

One Hit Wonders - Past and Present


9.25 is One Hit Wonder Day. That's tomorrow.


According to the Urban Dictionary, a One Hit Wonder is a Term for a band/group that has one breakthrough hit that people remember after usually years of making underground music. They may try to launch more chart-friendly songs on the back of their one song that will fail to have any impact. Will fade back into obscurity within a month only appearing for the odd television appearance.

To celebrate tomorrow's celebration of the One Hit Wonder, we've created our own list of OHW hits. Some obvious, some you may or may not have heard before, and some that we just flat out think... are destine for OHW greatness. Either way, it's one heck of a playlist that spans across multiple genres and decades. Six hours worth in fact.

Enjoy and as always, #getknotty.


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