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Probably our Favorite Time of Year

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We love this country of ours. And we rarely miss an opportunity to celebrate. Perhaps this is why we like the 4th of July so much. This year, we're excited to announce that we have some limited edition products designed to put a little oomph in your celebration. A perfect pairing with our American Flag Ribbon Belt and/or our Stars and Stripes Shadestraps.


Raise your Glass to America T-Shirt


Raise your Glass to America 4th of July T-Shirt Made in America

Raise your glass to America! For us, that glass will be a red solo cup. Full of our favorite cocktail. While sitting on boat. Or maybe on a beach. This shirt is a surefire way to show off our colors (the ol' red, white and blue), but also, YOUR true colors. Printed on American Apparel, available in heather grey and black.




United We Stand Koozie


United We Stand 4th of July Koozie Made in America

The United We Stand Koozie is made in America from high quality scuba neoprene. Stand United with this country-- and on the 4th, Stand United with this koozie, because you'll more than likely be carrying it around with you all day long.



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