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You've Been Cordially Invited...

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Open House, North Co, Minneapolis, Made in Minneapolis


You've been cordially invited to our open house. That's right, we've moved to a new location and couldn't be more excited to show it off. We're sharing this office/warehouse space with 5 of our pals, and fellow Made in America brands: Marked Leather, Great Lakes Clothing, Mill City Fineries, Buddy's Nut Butter, and William Rogue & Co. Come help us christen the place with booze, food trucks, games, grab bags, and a first look at some new gear. And of course we'll have our classic ribbon belts and sunglass straps on-hand for purchase. 


A taste of what we've got going on:


Whiskey, Vodka, Booze, Minneapolis, Preppy Products


Marked Leather, made in Mineapolis. Leather Goods.


Mill City Fineries, Bow Ties Made in America and Minneapolis


Great Lakes Collection, Preppy Clothing for the Lake


Buddy's Nut Butter, All Natural Peanut Butter


Great Lakes, Mill City Fineries, Marked Leather, Budd's Nut Butter


Mill City Fineries, Bow Ties Made in Minneapolis


Knot Clothing Sunglass Straps, Made in America

 Drinks and Preppy Clothing from Knot Clothing and Great Lakes Collection


Please join us.  We'd love to see you, meet you, celebrate with you! 


610 9th St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414


Thursday, 4 PM - 9 PM

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