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Ahhh… The Masters

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“It’s not Spring until the Masters”


Augusta National has been the greatest venue in all of sports for the last 83 years. It’s hosted golf’s greatest, and has lived on as a catalyst for those legends that will never die: Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and of course the Tiger. Just to name a few.


And why play for trophies when you can wear the honor of tournament champion? I routinely dream of being presented the green jacket from the previous year's winner, then flaunting it over at the clubhouse. Winning the Masters is a fraternity unlike any other and only those who prove victorious can truly pull off the "green jacket" look… trust me I’ve tried. Although, everyone looks good in the Four Majors Belt, and that might be the only chance you'll ever have of donning that elusive coat.


If you’re going to do the Masters right, follow my lead. I’ve been there and I’ve done it.


How to Do Masters Week Right


  1. Download the Masters App: “Star” your favorite players and utilize the “Track” feature to the fullest.
  2. Live Stream: Whether grocery shopping, studying, or on a date, you have the Masters at your fingertips. Live streaming of all four rounds will be available on all devices, so you'll never miss a shot.
  3. Dress like the Pros: Whether a Bubba fan or a Fowler follower, this is the weekend to pull out your best golf cap and polo.
  4. Find Time for 18 Holes: Get in the spirit of competition, call up a couple of buddies, and hit the links… maybe even take your friends for a few bucks while you're at it.
  5. Enjoy the Scenery: The Masters has one of the greatest grounds on earth. Soak in the beauty, and the fact that winter is finally over.


The Masters is among us, so go throw on your green chinos, grab a pimento cheese sandwich, and cancel all your plans… you have golf to watch!


By Justin Summer





Justin Summer, How to Watch the Masters


Justin is a senior at Youngstown State, studying marketing and communications. He's a northern nomad with a southern soul. A man of quality – life, love, friends, and clothing. He's also a Knot Clothing College Ambassador. #getknotty



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