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The Square Knot - Learn It!

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The Square Knot! Also known as the Reef Knot. Also known as the inspiration behind our beloved logo and brand.


Probably the best known (and most recognized) knot around! Used mostly for joining two similarly sized ropes, and commonly used by sailors for tying the reefing points of a sail-- hence the name Reef Knot. It is important to mention, the Square Knot should never be used to secure critical items, as it will often times slip or come undone. Securing your cooler to the boat, yep! Climbing and survival? Don't even think about it.


Other uses: 


-Tying your boat shoe laces

-Tying rope belts and sashes

-Securing a beach bag

-Tying up a bundle of firewood

-Attaching your knot flag to the balcony


Here's how to tie it: (avoid mistakingly tying a granny knot by making sure both ends of each rope, exit the loop of the other rope together)


How to Tie a Square Knot


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