It's Boat Shoe Season! image

It's Boat Shoe Season!

There are a few items in our closet that we constantly reach for. Ribbon Belts being one of them-- you can never have too many, and boy are they versatile. Then there are boat shoes. One trusty pair is all you need.


Now, when it comes to fashion, there are some rules to follow. For example; don't wear white before Memorial Day, or after Labor Day-- we get it, although we seldom follow these so-called rules. Therefore, since winter is upon us (generally a time when your Sperry's get tucked away until Spring), we thought we'd instill our own ideology around when you can, and cannot, wear your boat shoes: 

Ribbon Belts and Boat Shoes

Additionally, shop our Boat Shoes Fabric Belt. Now you can wear your boat shoes, even when you're not wearing your boat shoes.


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