2016 Knotty List Winner image

2016 Knotty List Winner

And, we've got a winner! Congratulations to Landon @brunithebull61 for being the Knottiest in 2016!


A huge THANK YOU to those who participated, as well as these awesome supporting brands: Shinesty, Brewsees, Ale Horn, Duke Cannon, Kan Jam, Knot Clothing, Bierstick, Raging Mammoth, Strike Force Energy, Ghostek.


See you next year!




2016 Knotty List Winner Clothing Ambassador 1


 You're a mean one Mr. Grinch!

2016 Knotty List Winner Clothing Ambassador 2


Drinking all the Who beer!

2016 Knotty List Winner Clothing Ambassador 3


Let us remind you what you've won:

  • 6 Pack of Old Milwaukee Soap from our friends at Duke Cannon
  • A Raging Mammoth Sabertooth for opening those Who beers
  • A Bierstick Beer Syringe
  • The Original Kan Jam Frisbee Game
  • A two piece Shinesty holiday suit (for next year)
  • Koozies from Shinesty, Brewsees, and Knot Clothing
  • Your very own pair of Brewsees Sunglasses
  • The BYOB Ribbon Belt
  • 2 pair of Knot Croakies (aka: Shadestraps)
  • The ultimate Ale Horn Drinking Tankard
  • Ghostek Wireless Headphones and laptop bag with charger
  • Enough Strike Force Energy Packs to keep you going well into 2017


HINT: This should give you a pretty good leg up (green leg that is) for the 2017 Knotty List!


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