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It's Ski Season!

Knot at Work Skiing

Which one is most likely to be seen on your car? We sure like to leave some FRS TRX on some POW POW, and dream of those POWDRDAZ, but we're really all about the APRESKI. Cuz after a day of hittin' the slopes, nothing beats hittin' the sauce at the ol' ski lodge. 


Do you even know what Apres Ski is all about? Good, we were nervous there for a second. But, just in case you don't: It refers to the activities, or nightlife, that often occur after a day of skiing or boarding. The idea originated in the Alps, where skiers stop by the bar on their last run of the day.


Guess it's kind of like the 19th hole. But instead of sitting around in your Four Majors Ribbon Belt drinking a Mule or Julep, you're drinking a Hot Toddy, Tom & Jerry (yep, keepin' it old school), Maple Manhattan, Winter Old Fashioned or Snowshoe Grog (see below). If you have some winter cocktail recipes to share, throw them in the comments so we can all be happy skiers! Here's our fav:


Snowshoe Grog: Straight up 1 1/2 ounces bourban whiskey and 1/2 ounce Peppermint Schnapps.


Now that's what #knotatwork is all about! 


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