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The Perfect Bloody Mary!


Who doesn't love a good Bloody Mary? Whether you're working to cure what you did to yourself the night before, or just need a reason to drink in the morning. Both which were factors that played into the development of our Perfect Bloody Mary Ribbon Belt, which proudly displays the most basic ingredients of this iconic drink:

The Perfect Bloody Mary Ribbon Belt

Sure this "belt" recipe will get you by in a pinch, but we wanted to dig a little deeper into what really goes into a perfect Bloody Mary.


So, we reached out to Charleston Bloody Mary Mix (our all time favorite mix) and spoke with Jackson Holland. Jackson is their Master of Mixology, and one bloody good guy.


 Charleson Bloody Mary Mix


Jackson provided the following recipes:


East Meets West Bloody:

  • 2 oz. premium vodka
  • 4 oz. Charleston Mix Fresh & Veggie Bloody Mary Mix
  • Small squeeze Sriracha
  • Few splashes of teriyaki sauce

Jackson recommends shaking all ingredients then pouring over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge, pickled ginger and a grilled shrimp.


The South’s Best Bloody:

  • 2 oz. Dixie or Dixie Black Pepper Vodka
  • 4 oz. Charleston Mix Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

Again, shake all the ingredients then pour over ice. Garnish with your favorite pickled veggies (Jackson likes okra and bread & butter pickles) and a strip of cooked bacon.


Pick up some Charleston Mix here, then give one of these recipes a whirl (heck, try them both). You won't be disappointed. Thanks for the tips Jackson!


Here are some interesting tidbits to chew on while sipping your bloody:


  • Some really do believe the drink will cure a hangover, thanks to its high concentration of veggies. Then throw in a little salt to restore that electrolyte imbalance. Others think it does nothing more than help to numb the pain. You be the judge.
  • The origins are somewhat unclear, but the Bloody Mary is mostly attributed to Fernand Petiot, who perfected the drink while bartending at Harry's New York Bar in Paris. 
  • Some think it is named after Queen Mary I of England who was notorious for killing people, and that the drink is a representation of the blood she spilled.
  • In the 50's, the drink was referred to as the Red Snapper as the name Bloody Mary was too racy for some (boy have we come a long way).
  • Celery became a main ingredient when an unknown patron at Chicago's Ambassador East Hotel was unable to find a stir stick to mix his bloody. Instead, he reached for a piece of celery! And the rest is history. SaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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