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The 2016 Knotty List



The Knotty List 2016 Knot Clothing & Belt Co



So the question is, have you been Knotty or Nice?


Either way, we think you'll dig the products on this list. But, if you've happened to find yourself on the Knotty list, we think you'll REALLY dig the products on this list (way more than your nicer counterparts). Sure you managed to offend a few friends, yep you drank way too much on multiple occasions, and of course you had to be constantly reminded to act your age. While others might say, "get your shit together," we'll just say, "well done you party animal." Because, what being on this list really means... YOU (and most of us here at Knot) had way more fun in 2016. And we'll toast to that! Because, being Knotty never looked so...nice!



Use the KNOTTY List in two ways:


1) As a guide for buying those knotty folks in your life a gift (because they'll probably be really board with the run-of-the-mill gifts everyone else will be getting)

2) To buy yourself a gift (because there's no chance you're getting something from Santa)





1. BREWSEES: Bottle Opener for Your Face


2016 Knotty List Gift Guide Brewsees Sunglasses


Glasses that rage just as hard as you do! Brewsees are designed exclusively for you hardcore party animals that want to wear their bottle openers on their face! And with a lifetime warranty, that just means the party never stops. #brewsees #sunshinepartytime


COST: $39.50-$44.50 




2. DUKE CANNON: Big Ass Beer Soap


Duke Cannon Brick of Soap - 2016 Knotty List


Wash like a man and support the troops with some Big Ass Beer Soap. Crack open a shower beer and wash up a with this woodsy, sandalwood scented six pack of Old Milwaukee soap. And yes, it's actually made using Old Milwaukee beer.


COST: $9.50




3. KAN JAM: Original Disc Game


Kan Jam Frisbee Game Knotty List 2016


Kan Jam is THE drinking game. It’s a game for anyone, anywhere. Inside or outside, day or night, rain or shine, Kan Jam is the jam and 100% American Made. #KANJAM


COST: $39.95




4. BIERSTICK: Beer Bong Syringe

 Bierstick Beer Bong - Knotty List 2016


Inject some life into your party with the Bierstick. Testimonials include, being the life of the party, becoming a southern belle magnet, etc. There is even mention of the Bierstick being the official beer accessory of America. We nod to all of the above. But you really need to hit this thing, then, you can be the judge.


COST: $29.95




5. GHOSTEK: Wireless Headphones


Ghostek Headphones Knotty List 2016


Sleek, sexy and without wires. Oh, and they. sound. bomb! Plus they're Bluetooth-enabled and boast a built in microphone. The high quality sound they pump out is perfect for blocking out that obnoxious roommate, and/or that rambling significant other. Maybe you just want to look cool-- yep, they're good for that too!


COST: $99.95




6. GHOSTEK: NRG Laptap Bag w/ Battery Charger


Ghostek NRG Recharging Laptop Backpack


Don't think we need to say a lot here. How many times have you run low on juice while out and about? Throw that notion in the garbage, because the NRG backpack will eliminate this from ever happening again. Well, as long you're carrying your backpack that is.


COST: $99.95




7. SHINESTY: Holiday Suit


Shinesty Holiday Suit 2016 Knotty List


Wrap yourself in the holidays by wearing a suit that says, “make that eggnog a double.” Holiday suits and blazers from Shinesty help you dress up to get messed up. Happy holidays ya filthy animal.


COST: $99.99




8. STRIKE FORCE ENERGY: 150 Count Energy Packs


Strike Force Energy - 2016 Knotty List


#KicktheCan and call in the Strike Force. Strike Force Energy is a small tin packet with as much caffeine as two energy drinks or a medium cup of coffee. And for those concerned about their girlish figure, NO CALORIES. Want to know what freedom taste’s like? This is it.


COST: $149.99




9. ALE HORN: 20 oz Drinking Horn Tankard


Ale Horn Drinking Horn Tankard Knotty List 2016


A gift from the Gods’ themselves, drink from a horn. More specifically, a Tankard. Like on Game of Thrones. You'll never feel closer to Middle Earth. So grab a really thick craft beer (or whiskey) and fill your horn. Winter is coming.


COST: $45.99




10. RAGING MAMMOTH: Bottle/Can Opener/Shotgunner


Raging Mammoth Saber Tooth - 2016 Knotty List


The bottle opener/shotgunner/vent piercer/tab puller tool right next to your house keys for everything from the tailgate to your deep sea fishing trip. “Crack a cold one, and don’t ever let life get in the way of your pursuit of a great time.” Wise words fellas. Cheers! 


COST: $24.99-$34.99






Knot Clothing Ribbon Belt - 2016 Knotty List


Bring your own beer. Or bring all the beer. Or bring one of every kind of beer. Can you name them all? Ah hell, of course you can. You're on the Knotty List! Fine ribbon, paired with some fine Hermann Oak leather. Salud! #getknotty


COST: $58.50





Nothin' catch your eye? Check out the following for some more options:



WARFIGHTER TOBACCO COMPANY: Connecticut Churchill Cigars




BOMBTECH GOLF: Grenade 72 Degree Wedge


DOC SPARTAN: Man Scrub  




CARNIVORE CLUB: Meat of the Month Club


TIMEX WATCHES: Weekender Box Set


NICE LAUNDRY: Small Box of Socks


EVOLVE GOLF: Preppy Collection Golf Tees


TOMMY JOHN: Second Skin Ball Print Boxer Brief


THE TIE BAR: Sailors Knot Tie Bar





Now, scroll back up to the top of the guide. See all those products pictured? Well, we've partnered with these brands and they've all graciously agreed to contribute to our holiday giveaway. Aside from being awesome, it's just another reason to show them some support. Yes, we'll be giving away a gift basket that includes something from all of them. Word on the street is that the total value is in the neighborhood of $900. If your name is on the Knotty List, we want to know what you did to get there. Show us HERE.



2016 Knotty List Gift Guide


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