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The Ultimate Spring Break Packing List!

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It's Spring Break! And we want to make sure you have everything you need. Since we're pretty sure you're capable of packing the essentials (like underwear, toothpaste, swimwear, etc), let's skip those. Instead, let's focus on items that are sure to make your Spring Beak adventure, the best one ever! 


Here we go.

  • A deck of cards: Think plane ride, and late night poker.
  • A beer bong: We recommend the Bierstick Beer Bong Syringe, which you can get HERE.
  • Sunglasses: Bring a less expensive pair as you're probably going to lose them anyway. Grab a pair of Brewsees, and forget about having to remember a bottle opener.
  • Shadestraps: To help you NOT lose your sunglasses. Get them HERE.
  • Go Pro: You're going to want to capture this!
  • Knot Flag: Show your colors! Make sure everyone knows where the party's at. Get one HERE.
  • Sunscreen: You're going to be in the sun A LOT!
  • Aloe: Because you were in the sun A LOT!
  • Advil: Don't be stingy here.
  • Bottle Opener: In case you don't have a pair of Brewsees. If you do, might want to still have a back up. 
  • Drinkware: And by drinkware, we mean plastic shot glasses and red solo cups.
  • A couple forms of ID: Under no circumstances do you want to be left behind when it's time to hit the bars.
  • A Bluetooth Speaker: On the beach, at the pool, in the hotel room. Waterproof, if you have one.
  • Chargers: Phone, speaker, Ipad, Go Pro, camera.
  • Koozies: Rep your team, favorite brands, etc.
  • First Aid Kit: Mandatory!
  • Water Bottle: You HAVE to stay hydrated.
  • Multiple Forms of Payment: ATM card, credit card, cash.
  • A Non-Academic Book: You're on Spring Break for crying out loud. Rejuvenate!
  • Beverages: Alcohol of course. But also drinks that help you replenish.
  • Cooler: Cold beer here.
  • The Ultimate Playlist: Might take some pre-work, but worth every second.

One final note.... we really hope you all have a heckuva a good time. But be safe! Be aware of your surroundings at all time. Have a plan in case something happens. You can never be too prepared!


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