The Not-so-Christmas, Christmas Playlist image

The Not-so-Christmas, Christmas Playlist

The Un-Christmas Playlist


Admittedly, we kinda like Christmas music. That is for about a week following Thanksgiving, at which point it becomes pins and needles to the ears. Well not that bad, but it does get old quick. Does every single female artist need to do their own rendition of O' Holy Night as if in a contest to see who can use the most vibrato in one single song?


So here's your dilemma: you're throwing a holiday party, and a certain few are hell bent on there being Christmas music. Lucky for you, we compiled a list of songs to get you through the night. Some that aren't necessarily about Christmas, but that have at least one mention of the word Christmas. Some that bring a sense of humor to the whole event, and then a few of our less-than-mainstream favorites. And there you have it, everyone is happy.


Whether tying down a pair of dress slacks with your best ribbon belt, donning your ugliest of sweaters, or just chilling with your fraternity/sorority buds, this should do the trick:


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