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What's in a 'Boat' Name?

Knot at Work Sailing

Since the beginning of time, people have been naming their boats. Historically though, they did this for logistical reasons-- a foolproof way to make sure the passengers and crew all showed up to the right location, and set sail on the right boat. "We depart at 0700 hours on the Jolly Roger," yielded far greater success rates than, "we depart at 0700 hours on the 071883740012B." Especially in a time when cell phones didn't exist.


But why does every boat still have a name? We don't know for sure. But we suspect it has something to do with pride. A sense of belonging to a greater community of boaters; whether sailors, fishermen, skippers or hobbyists. And that vessel of yours... the one that keeps you from drowning? Well for that reason alone, deserves a name.


And if it's clever, funny, and/or offensive..  all the better.  Here are some of OUR favs ( and check out our Hulls Yeah ribbon belt HERE).



Knot Boat Names - Knot At Work 3


Knot Boat Names - Knot Enuff


Knot Boat Names - Knot Bad


Knot Boat Names - Knot Reel


Knot Boat Names - Knot Shore


Knot Boat Names - Knot Work


Knot Boat Names - Y Knot Us


Knot Boat Names - More Often Than Knot


Knot Boat Names - Knot Right


Knot Boat Names - Why Knot


Knot Boat Names - Knot On Call


Knot Boat Names - Knot Guilty

 Knot at Work Boat Names - Knot Clothing


Knot Sail Boat Names


Knot Boat Names


And, we saved the best for last..


Knot Sail Boat Names



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